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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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amp. we've been telling you since last week that monday afternoon was going to be the best time to do any kind of barbecuing. it really wasn't going to be a beach day. and we haven't had really good beach weather because of the wind coming off the ocean all the clouds hanging around here. there is nothing really on radar to be concerned with during the evening hours. 62 degrees now the wind still out of the east. it doesn't go up much during the day. doesn't go down much at night with a pattern like this. what are we expecting the rest of the night? a lot of low clouds, maybe a little bit of drizzle developing toward day break, some other moisture, more significant moisture coming up from the south could affect parts of the area, especially delaware by parts of the morning rush tomorrow. and eve got some threats of showers early. we've got a chance of some thunderstorms late. in parts of the area.
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and that is just one of the days where we have rain in the forecast. you can see some of that in the 7-day at the bottom of the screen. get into more detail on we we see nice weather this week coming nup a few minutes. >> i'm looking forward to that glenn. well well be sure to stick around. nbc 10 has crews across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, remembering those making the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. this morning in drexel hill the upper darby detachment of the marine core league. he honored u.s. marine corporal maki, the first marine ever awarded the medal of honor during the civil war. students spent the morning here placing 648 flags at the vietnam memorial. the music program in lasalle college high school participated in the events.
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in delaware county the people didn't stop the people -- the rain didn't stop the people i should say. young and old coming out for the memoryual day parade members of the lands down american legion willing participated in the event. attendees commemorated the 100th anniversary of the united states entering world war i. in new castle county the cloudy skies didn't stop these people from attending a memorial day gathering at smyrna mumble park. it's an 80-year-old tradition many came out to spi respects. >> team coverage of the memorial day festivities nbc 10 mitch blacher we'll begin down in ocean city. the criedy i see a lot of jackets not so much shorts ante shirts.
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>> >> reporter: sweat shirts and rain jackets replace the swim suits here in ocean city today. but the crowds still made the best of overcast skies and the business forecasts doesn't appear gloomy this summer. the sights sounds and smiles of summer 2017, a father and daughter bike ride, the salty ware o air, favorite place to east oh or the stroll down the board walk. mother nature didn't put a damper on loyal show shore goers this day. >> i'm quite surprised with the weather it's such a great turn out. i can only imagine in it's sunny what it would be like. >> sno sun in the sky still standing room only on the sidewalk. >> i was coming to work and there will be a line down the street. >> so sink teeth and tease buds into the red white and blue pan cakes and french toast. >> i'm never mad at mother nature. plants need water surfers need waves. beach need replenished it's working out just fine. >> when it's not a perfect day
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at the shore it is good for business. >> we had get our hoodies, two for $25. >> brooks and her husband spent family time and spent money on a on sweat shirts ride and a hotel. >> we came her last night wasn't specking to stay. the rates were really awesome. >> what's better, with six kids, like so many families soon coming back. at sunglass menagery board walk location. shades are going fast as they salute holiday weekend crowds. >> memorial day is a great indicator it sets the tone the rest of the summer. this feeds into july 4th weekend. feed right into labor day. judging by this i think it's a good summer. >> the ocean surf, sand, sunshine is quite off the recorden the lure here at the shore. but mother nature somehow manages to drive the momentum and drive the imtd oh dollar no matter the forecast. from ocean city, cydney long nbc
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10. remembering the verns gave us everything. memorial day is also the unofficial start of summer for most americans but those who served tell nbc 10 mitch blacher for them it's something more sacred. mitch joins us live in philadelphia washington square park. mitch. >> reporter: hey, keith. this is one of the places where folks can honor those who have served our country and given their lives. this is a memorial for revolutionary war veterans, that war on those who came home needed a day to remember the fallen. >> bill sings for the one million americans who died in our country's wars. >> maybe the good lord kept me alive because one thing i can do is sing. >> he sings for those he lost in vietnam. >> i spent a lot of time thinking about the guys that
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didn't get back. >> he watched many of them die. his most that a helicopter gave him a front row seat. >> it's a horrible thing to be see all the carnage and the screams and know some of the guys you can't help and all you can do is lie and they'll be okay but it's not true. >> memorial day honors bill's memories, honoring every veteran, every family who lost someone. >> a lot of guys gave everything they had. and for me memorial day it's not it's sacred. >> he spends his memorial days singing the national anthem. he sings the fourth stanza the one that remembers the veterans. >> now memory kal day started in
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1868. originally called decoration day. it wasn't until the 20th century when confedright and union traditions merged and we got memorial day. >> mitch blacher live in washington square thanks. this morning president trump observed a time honorsed at the tomb of the unknowns the solemn ritual takes place every memorial day. following the ceremony he paid tribute to the soldiers and families they left behind. >> here at the haloed shrine we honor the noblest among us the men and women who paid the ultimate price for victory and freedom. >> mr. trump also recognized the son of homeland security john kelly who was killed serving in afghanistan. for more tap the nbc 10 app. in other words tiger woods is in trouble with the law after being arrested in florida this
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morning. he was taken into custody. police in jup iter, florida say he was taken to palm beach county jail, looked and released on own recognizeens it's unclear if he tested positive for alcohol or or if anyone was in the vehicle with him when arrested. back at home police investigate an deadly stapg in kensington. the victim was inside his frankfort avenue apartment last night when another came in, stabbed him several times with several knives, the victim grabbed one of the knives stabbed him back. police found the victim outside and rushed him to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. officers found the attacker dead inside the apartment. police are looking for a motive. police are still looking for a what caused a deadly house fire where two young children and their greater died at the
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blaze on montelongo avenue. the parents of the victims made it out alive they're now in the hospital. update now a bucks county couple accused of breaking phones and bruising their two daughters. they pled guilt last week. the abuse happened in march 2016. ofrsds arrested the couple tu months later. both parents face several charges. a south jersey police released this new sketch of a would be robber who targeted a piazza delivery driver. investigators in burlington be county say this man demanded cash from a driver earlier. the victim got away safely. called police. if you recognize this person call the lange o township police. in cape may county a bizarre burglary at a local diner. early saturday morning someone broke in the courthouse diner. the phone and cable lines of the diner were cut. so far no arrests.
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it is a busy day here at little pete's, for the last day. we'll show you what's next for the building, and for the little pete's tradition. kind of dreary and chilly memorial day today especially this morning. how long is the cloudy and cool weather going to stick around in i'll map out the week on the first alert neighborhood forecast.
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oh that familiar-sizele inside of a popular center city restaurant. will soon be no more. in a matter of hours little pete's is closing the center city location. as the nbc 10 found plenty of local patrons are coming out for a memory rabl meal. >> >> reporter: there a familiar hum increase the dine familiar smells and faces. >> over the last week everybody comes actually last two weeks. >> coming to say goodbye. >> they've always had the best food actually, home made, quality stuff. >> but the food is mixwood memories. >> we came here on our first date. >> 8 and a half years ago. for the ladies in the coroner a tradition lasting decades. >> i knew that little pete's is
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closing and i said we have to come for one more meal. >> how long have you been coming here? >> since 1978 we were at temple university. >> they come here saturday morning after class. >> first we counted all the pennies and nickles and dimes make sure we had enough to cover. we were just college students. >> back today before the diner closes making way for the hotel project and change in center city. a sign next door announcing another business moving. this block between walnut and loek covet. >> what is it like to be leaving. >> i'm going to walk every day. >> the owner says he will take a break go back to greece for a a few months mp then go back to work maybe at the fair mount location. >> there could be another little pete's. >> yes never say no. >> he tells me if he opens another one he'd like to do it in this neighborhood. the little pete's a location in fair mount but if you'd like to
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say goodbye to this you've got a chance at a block party at 11:00 tomorrow. . nbc 10 news. get this fans of the beloved "rocky" sfat yew in front of the philadelphia museum of art better get the fill tonight. starting tomorrow the statue will be off-limits. the area is closing off while renovations made. the project will last two weeks. make sure you get the selfy while you can. turning to memorial day weather too long a cape may some people out there braving the cool weather, spending time on the beach. those two being the some people out there with the feet in the water. philadelphia look at i-95. traffic starting to build but not bad heading toward the airport going southbound. traffic coming towards us is coming north. >> i don't think it's building. >> they might have given up over
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at the art museum look at this. nice, beautiful anyone tried to visit on the day off. turned away though the museum was closed in observation of the memorial day as the "rocky" stat ewe. we didn't break above low 60s today. >> 64 was the high. average high 78. tomorrow i'd say less bad. >> okay. >> less bad. >> but this morning was bad. this afternoon was less bad than that morning. we didn't really have the rain. had clouds, cool weather. but if you wanted to have a barbecue outside you could do it. a lot of people did leave the shore early though. because we saw the traffic. and it was rush hour right around lunchtime coming home. 62 degrees in philadelphia now with the cloudy skies. and that light east wind. not even 60 degrees in other parts of the area. you can see the clouds around. and we're going to see a lot of
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clouds around tomorrow as well. and of course a lot of it has to do with the wind direction. wave got that northeast wind once the clouds are in you need the wind to shift to knock them out of here. so it's all 59 in ocean city. 60 in summer point p 61 at cape may 64 in stone taschary and yoft hereby era chilly 62 degrees. probably not going to be as chilly tomorrow. but not that far off. 64 high today 69 tomorrow. just because all the clouds. the average high 78. and we've had some cool weather. we have not been above 77 degrees in over a week now. and we're not going to see a lot of those days -- warm days in the next week either. there the clouds one shower near the mason dixon line. otherwise things pretty quiet.
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we do have showers back to the west in ohio some of that system will be affecting us tomorrow. as we go through the night we just see the clouds. we're not going to be getting rain this evening. if you had a barbecue scheduled for the next couple hours go ahead. it will us just be cloudy, not windy. here comes from the ph.d. let rain during the morning hours. drizzle to start off then some of this more significant rain, not especially heavy. but it's wet and wetter than it was today. and then there is some of that hoi ohio system coming in with potential thunderstorm or heavy showers late in the day and in the evening. you can see how cool it is once again across the area. he get a bit of a break tuesday night. and wednesday we start off with the clouds and the fog again. but we could break out into some sunshine.
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that will push the temperatures up closer to 80 degrees. then here come a couple of showers and storms again on wednesday. the first nice sunny day we get, looks like it's going to be thursday. if you can stand that. 76 degrees there. and 82 on friday. 82 in dover. dry and thursday and friday. most places. how about that. you got to wait a while though, don't you? and if you wait, we will have some better weather. so at the shore tomorrow, it's still in the 60s. we may get into the 70s the rest of the week. and wait for the weekend to get some of this rain coming back. but remember, we've got thursday and friday. the best days of the week. then toward the weekend another disturbance comes in not good timing for us. the rain might come friday night
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into saturday. but especially sunday and monday look wet and chilly and nasty again. >> i'm john clark from scena eagle missing the jof season practices maying recording tomorrow n phillys with bench lineup changes and nascar temper tantrum. next. offseason. scena ♪
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. i'm john clark guardian csn is looks like fletcher cox could rejoin the eagle when practices continue. flesher put this out on snap
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chat. it says flefl on the snapchat. philly started a series in miami last night. flefls lost nine straight series. the last series they won against the marlins lineup changes for the phillys high pressure howie contend rick in the last hour. off the disabled list after missing eight weeks. odubel herrera is going to sit tonight and tomorrow. he is benched. aaron alt her. mike franco dropped to seventh. pete macennen drying trying to do anything eau claire. >> he is not swinging the bat well. it's tough mentally when you go through this and you have to fight your way out. but it's also a good idea in my opinion to occasionally take a guy out of the pressure let him relax a little bit continue to work. so he'll be get ago few days off here and there. >> it was 7 years ago tonight roy hal i day perfect game in
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south florida. against the marlins good karma for ton. also seven years ago tonight pete led the fliers in the tonight he leads the predators in the first couple final here on nbc 10 at 8:00. lobby trying to beat the penguinens. he did not like them five years and the fliers beat up occupy the penguinss the last time they won a playoff series. >> it's hard flipping around in day or two. we've done that. it's a little bit more difficult, taxes on the players. i think given the choice we'd rather have time off like i said those are out of our control. >> you want to see a sore leeszer choevg out the he kyle busch after the lost coca-cola 600 don't ask kyle about the winner. >> were you surprised austin with stretch it on fuel. >> i mean do you think for austin to get his if pun first one. >> i'm not surprised about anything congratulations.
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>> dwight -- do i hear a baby crying? talk about being a big baby that's pretty bad in the not sportsman ship. >> where that -- it's coming from you, john. gees. all right back to you i got to attend to somebody. >> i think you do thanks john. >> all right coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. amistaken raid, a swat team burst into a home, point guns at a woman and throw a flash bang except the wrong house. get this the same thing happened a short time ago. tonight a live report what the victim is saying about the whole thing.
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overcast skies low 60s not too bad. >> yeah, yeah if we're in seattle. for memorial day i'm sure there are a few complaints today. tomorrow is going to be cool, too morning drizzle, showers and then nice by thursday. >> that's good looking up to
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something np nbc nightly news up next. see you at 11:00. tonight, total confidence. president trump publicly defends son-in-law jared kushner amid reports he tried to set up a secret channel to russia, but privately word kushner is being warned to lay low. water slide horror, caught on camera, a boy flies off a brand-new slide, slids along the concrete but somehow walks away. how could it happen? tiger woods arrested. the golf super star suspected for dui. what it means for his shot at a come back. sound sleep. what scientists believe what you listen to at night could leave you feeling better rested and improve your melry. and inspiring ameri america, on this memorial day a man on a mission at the graves of fallen


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